Running away vs. running toward

Seth Godin has a post today asking Are you leading or following? Chasing or being chased?



Grashoppers sometimes start swarming. I think its called Locust. It happens when there is a shortage of food, and they can form enormous swarms of millions or even billions of locusts.

Have you thought about the organisational challenge of leading a swarm of billions? Who decides where to go? When to sit down and eat, when to get up and leave to make sure everyone is fed? And how do they choose their leader?

Turns our this is not how it works. When there is a shortage of food, the locurst is not above eating each other. It is eat or be eaten. The swarm is formed by billions of locust fleeing for their lives, trying to avoid being eaten by the guy right behind.

And the guy running in front is not the visionary leader, he is just the most scared.

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