Big light, speedlight, and ambient light

As a young photojournalist [..] when I was lighting something I would bring out the Big Lights. You are completely fabricating light at that point… you are overpowering the daylight, you are starting from black, and you’re building that up, or whatever. So it’s a completely altered reality that does not even take the ‘real’ reality into account.

But speedlights and ambient is a relationship that is forced to exist. As you progress with it, you realize that that dance between ambient and speedlights is a really interesting place. A place where they mix; “this looks really cool, except for I want to modify it this way ” or “this ambient looks really neat, but I just want to bring it under control”. There is lots of different ways to approach it.

Yeah it is definitely a dance. To me, that is the interesting place. It’s the margins that are really interesting.

David Hobby interviewed by Ibarionex R. Perello on The Candid Frame

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