The lab is moving

Rev 5c prototype PCB

Whoa, moving takes a lot of time and energy! I was hoping to be able to report some serious progress, but the last two weeks has been at 25% efficiency at best. Efficiency measured as development progress of course, nothing else really matters, right? 🙂 But I must say that it is nice to open the window and hear birds chirping and an occasional boat in the distance, instead of a constant traffic noise. And fresh air!

We had a hickups both with the PCB manufacturer and with the 3D printer, but that’s sorted now and we are finishing a new prototype with significantly reworked drivers and charger circuitry.

In related news, the thing now has a name! I like it a lot. We’re working on getting a product presentation up on the website. It should be up 3 weeks according to plan.

Back next week,



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