New suggested design

I’ve done some work on the design. The major goals were to incorporate learnings from the current prototype and to simplify.

The battery is now completely separate from the light. Every person I talk to has different requirements and different views on how to power the light. Separating out the power gives flexibility and seem to the a sensible thing to do.

The connectors are moved from the side to the back so that they don’t interfere with side-by-side mounting. This is not final. Needs more thinking.

More mounting and attachment options. Camera rigs uses 15mm rods, so accommodating the standard seem obvious. Please see the video for details:

Getting the design right, or at least reasonably close to right, takes serious effort. This is not an easy banana to peel! I’d love to hear what you think about this design.

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  1. Great design,
    Maybe you would change the back of the design to make them stackable for storage and transport. Would indeed require a flat or stackable back 🙂

    Maybe there is a solution/ design to attach them to the power supply, for transport purpose, and if you can stack them, of course a combination of power supply, lights and cover, without the need of an extra bag.

  2. This is looking very good.

    I think a standard 1/4 inch mount will be useful.

    Do the rods easily come off if you don’t need them? I think that would be beneficial.

    Master + slaves is a good idea.

    Do you yet have any ball park figure as to what you expect this unit to cost (selling price)?

  3. @vekspace That is true.

    Need to show how light modifiers can fit to this enclosure. I am thinking a mounting hole in each corner.

    @charge5photo I’m thinking that the foot or base plate would have one or more 1/4 mounting holes for light stands.

  4. The new design does not seem to have provisions to support any light modifiers. Lacking in this may limit its use for photographers who wish to try new stuff.

  5. This looks really cool! The external power provides a lot of flexibility. Would it be hard to include a 1/4″ female threaded screw on the bottom of the body? This would be ideal for mounting on a light stand? Can’t wait!

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