Progress update

I had some really nasty bugs to work out the last couple of weeks, but things are looking better now.

I’ve uploaded a brief video showing some basic functionality plus a very nifty feature for making light samples or recordings. The device can record changes in light intensity and color, store it and play it back.
The idea is that you can record, edit, play back and loop light sequences. The wavery light from a camp fire, hard strobes, flickering neon tube light etc.

The video also shows some  basic functionality like:

  • Power adjustable over 6 stops.
  • Full steps, half steps, thirds and tenths of a step. Or straight dimming.
  • Color temperature adjustable from 1850 to 15000.

It is worth noting that the output is stable over the entire range of color temperatures. The intensity does not vary when you adjust the color temperature. And vice versa, the color temperature does not vary when you adjust the intensity. (Well, it does in the video, as the device is not fully calibrated yet! :-))

Light of any color. The gamut? I guess it is easier to think about if I relate it to a known color space. Roughly speaking you can say that the gamut is a fair bit larger than sRGB, about the size of AdobeRGB.

Sorry about the shoddy video quality! Thinking I’d make it easy for myself I used an old Canon XM-1 camera, but it kept shifting to anamorphic on me. Should I keep trying top fix that with the unwilling video editing software, or should I get back to development? Hmmm.

Anyway, what do you think about the ability to record, edit, play back and loop light?

(If you are in a RSS reader and can’t see the video, you have to click trough to the site.)

2 Responses to “Progress update”

  1. PulseStudios, Inc. July 19, 2011 at 23:07 Reply

    Thank you for sharing the updates. This is exciting to see something like this happening from the ground up. It is people like you that keep this industry moving forward. I already see so many applications for this when it is all finished. I will be proud to add this to my arsenal.

  2. You go Morten! Great stuff

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