Mid August update

Been busy, busy, busy working on the display code and, like development tends to do, it has taken more time than anticipated. Especially the setup of the new TFT LCD display was a dog. I’ve worked with a few displays and the thing they all have in common is that the manufacturer documentation on correctly initializing the display is sketchy at best.

The previous closed source graphics library is now replaced with a new one written from the ground up. The low level driver code is optimised for speed and runs ok. Actually it is not too shabby. For the font drawing and the more elaborate drawing routines, I’ve used parts from Kevin’s excellent LPC1343 code base.

There are now basic screens for power level, color temperature adjustment and filters. I’m currently coding basic logic for menu systems and changing and storing settings. I hope to make a short video next week to show the first basic UI. We’re looking forward to feedback on that!

Thanks for the awesome comments and the emails you guys are sending! As soon as the basic UI is in place I’m back to working on the enclosure implementing some of your suggestions!

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