Alpha version, UI demo

Coding the UI elements took way longer than I thought. Primarily because I’m really poor at estimating.

I’ve attached a video showing the progress so far. The UI is poorly organized  and very basic at the moment. Implementing nicer graphics is not going to take as much time (im my estimate :-)). What has taken time so far is implementing the underlying business logic for the UI; basic drawing routines, a declarative UI representation, viewports, display color conversion and other painful stuff.

It will take a few days to stabilise the code and then I’ll send the first unit out for alpha testing.

Next up is the new enclosure. There is still some suggestions to test and some manufacturability issues to work out, but I’ll try to get the 3D model in reasonable shape so we can machine a few samples. Those will be the basis for a beta version.

Back to work…




7 Responses to “Alpha version, UI demo”

  1. Great, great work!!! Love the flexibility of controls!

    Wish I had a few already 🙂

  2. Thanks. Keeping it simple is definitely a priority.

  3. Looks very good, just remember you don’t have to put all features that you can figure out there, just keep it simple and stable.

  4. Great progress. Looks very promising. I already have some uses in mind. Cheers, Sakke

  5. Don’t worry too much about how it looks. It’s perfectly fine as it is, and if not, then somebody will make a skin for it. But do focus on the ease of use.

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