Our mission is to open up new creative possibilities for photo and video by using fancy electronics and new materials.

At Rift Labs we are creating better light technologies for photo and video. Until recently, we worked on a large and very advanced light tailored to professional photographers. However, we also always wanted to make an affordable product for the mass market. So over the last several months we have been working to put a number of the advanced features already developed for the professional version into a really small and inexpensive version intended for use with smart phones.

The Kick Light is an iPhone accessory, but is also an independent light source that helps users take better pictures and make great videos – with either their smart phones, camera or video device. Kick Light has lots of fun features, and offers awesome creative opportunities.


The team


Karey is a concept and big picture enthusiast who moved to Oslo in November 2013. He is the business deal maker that has helped business to usher more color into the printing industry, automation into purchasing, flexibility into packaging machinery, leadership into the coaching industry. Along the way he has moved between Canada, USA, France and founded an executive coaching firm in 2003 (Inside Out Perspective). He has co-authored one book (Connections Leadership) and has envisioned and implemented 2 apps for sales management (1991) and leadership development (2011).

Morten is a knucklehead, a product guy and a serial entrepreneur. He founded HEP AS (electronic publishing), IFINGER Ltd (online publishing) and Ememess AS (mobile games). For reasons that in hindsight completely escapes him, he worked a few years as User Experience Manager for Vodafone Group Ltd. in London. For the last 2+ years he has been developing technology for intelligent light.

Pauric is a user interface design with over 15 years experience developing hardware and software products. In his own mind he is an excellent multi-tasker, always got 10 eggs in the air. The rest of us looks upon in horror and from a safe distance. Born in Ireland, educated in Scotland and having worked in both the UK, China & US he has had exposure to a diverse set of development process and cultures. Being both a visual and technical designer his strengths lie in advocating for the user within the project’s constraints.

Hans Olav is a software developer and the poor guy has bee through a lot in life: C#, T-SQL, HTML5 and Windows Azure. Delphi, Visual Basic, C++ and of course a bit of Objective-C. He tries to stay productive and open minded in an ever-changing industry, but it’s not easy. He has experience in systems design, database design, programming, refactoring, testing and debugging etc.