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Back from China

Shenzhen, the capital of Guandong, China’s manufacturing region, where the sun is never really able to break through the smog. (This has been reposted from Kickstarter) Manufacturing in China Prototyping is like cooking, manufacturing is like baking. When you cook, you can adjust while you work. You taste, add more pepper maybe, a squeeze of […]

Manufacturing update

This poor blog hasn’t seen much love lately. As you know we had a successful Kickstarter campaign, so info and updates has been posted over there. We’ll move back here eventually. But for now, you can get the latest manufacturing update on the Kick here.

Shooting test portraits with the Kick

We did some test shots with the Kick the day before yesterday and Alex helped me out. Actually, he did all the shooting and I helped him out! Kick may not be your typical portrait light. But we made some shots anyway, just for the heck of it. Alex made some lighting diagrams to go […]

Titanic sails tonight

Launching is scary. To let your invention out into the big bad world for the wolves to rip it apart. Or worse, being met wit a yawn, or no one even noticing. But you just have to put on your batman undies and go do it. We went live a few hours ago and the […]

Sneak peek of how streaming light works

OK, so here comes another update and a lo-fi sneak peak on the light streaming capability. Light streaming is basically sampling light from a running video (or the phone camera), amplifying it and blasting it out.     We have been working like dogs for what feels like ages now. If it was easy, they […]

Update on the tiny light

Just a brief update. Progress has been good on the tiny version. The second prototype PCB works without too many alterations. I had to port the code to a bigger microcontroller, the little Cortex-M0 ARM chip with USB port might not be ready to ship in time, so we are now running on a Cortex-M3, […]

December update

Greetings, carbon units. Here is an update on the development over the last couple of months. Lots is happening and this is probably going to be a bit long and no pictures. So if your brain suffers from Social Media Induced ADD, you may struggle 🙂 Onboard WiFi and Remote Control One of the most requested […]

Alpha version, UI demo

Coding the UI elements took way longer than I thought. Primarily because I’m really poor at estimating. I’ve attached a video showing the progress so far. The UI is poorly organized  and very basic at the moment. Implementing nicer graphics is not going to take as much time (im my estimate :-)). What has taken […]

Mid August update

Been busy, busy, busy working on the display code and, like development tends to do, it has taken more time than anticipated. Especially the setup of the new TFT LCD display was a dog. I’ve worked with a few displays and the thing they all have in common is that the manufacturer documentation on correctly initializing the display […]