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December update

Greetings, carbon units.¬†Here is an update on the development over the last couple of months. Lots is happening and this is probably going to be a bit long and no pictures. So if your brain suffers from Social Media Induced ADD, you may struggle ūüôā Onboard WiFi and Remote Control One of the most requested […]

Alpha version, UI demo

Coding the UI elements took way longer than I thought. Primarily because I’m really poor at estimating. I’ve attached a video showing the progress so far. The UI is poorly organized ¬†and very basic at the moment. Implementing nicer graphics is not going to take as much time (im my estimate :-)). What has taken […]

Mid August update

Been busy, busy, busy working on the display code and, like development tends to do, it has taken more time than anticipated. Especially the¬†setup of the new TFT LCD display was a dog. I’ve worked with a few displays and the thing they all have in common is that the manufacturer documentation on correctly¬†initializing¬†the display […]

New suggested design

I’ve done some work on the design. The major goals were to incorporate learnings from the current prototype and to simplify. The battery is now completely separate from the light. Every person I talk to has different requirements and different views on how to power the light. Separating out the power gives flexibility and seem […]

Progress update

I had some really nasty bugs to work out the last couple of weeks, but things are looking better now. I’ve uploaded a brief video showing some basic functionality plus a very nifty feature for making light samples or recordings. The device can record changes in light intensity and color, store it and play it […]

Battery placement

The above image shows Floyd with the back cover and the battery cover removed. ¬†The yellow feature is the display bed, it does tripple duty. It holds and positions the display, it centers the buttons and it works as a light guide for the indicator lights. The right side of the PCB is the high-current […]

ECAD from Eagle

The fit of the prototype enclosure is fairly snug. Not mobile phone-snug, there is still 0.5mm headroom here and there… Still, we have to keep track of the height of ¬†all components, especially under and close to buttons and the LCD display.¬†You really need a workflow where you can check if any changes to the […]

What is better, 96 or 85% efficiency?

  I’ve been working on the current drivers for the LEDs and have arrived at a common (but still interesting) dilemma; is it best to choose efficiency or flexibility? The old design was not really optimal and neither was the PCB layout. There were a number of issues with ground bounce and stray capacitance that […]