How to communicate with the Wi-Fi module through the USB interface

Here is a description of how to get the KICK into Wi-Fi pass through command mode. That is, you communicate with the Wi-Fi sub-section of the KICK. After entering $$$ (see below) all commands you enter are passed through to the Wi-Fi module. The Wi-Fi module has its own processor running the Wi-Fi stack. The KICK mcu talks to the Wi-Fi mcu with the same commands as you can type in here.

Make sure The KICK is running Kick_firmware_1.94 or newer, available here.

  • Turn off KICK and connect it to the computer with a USB cable
  • Turn on the KICK while holding down the BR[-] button (the leftmost button along the top). This will enable USB serial communication.
  • Wait for new hardware wizzard
  • Locate the INF file (download it here)
    If you’re on Win8 please read: How To Install Any Digitally Unsigned Drivers On Windows 8
  • Check Device Manager for Kick COM port

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  • Open a terminal software such as TeraTerm
  • Connect to the serial port you just created

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Make sure of that the Wi-Fi is not on. ( Do not press the KICK Connect button, by default the Wi-Fi is OFF )

  • Set the baud rate to 9600
  • Type $$$ and hit enter

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  • Wait for KICK to start the Wi-Fi module. This is going to take a few seconds, you will see the green connect light blinking.

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  • KICK will is now in Wi-Fi pass-through command mode and commands you enter are processed by the Wi-Fi module
  • The exit command will exit from command mode and stop the Wi-Fi. You can restart Wi-Fi again with the $$$ command

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There are a number of commands you can send to the Wi-Fi module:
get com displays the communication settings
show rssi displays the last received signal strength
set wlan phrase <password >sets a password
join <string> joins a network
You can download the full command reference here.

If you mess around too much and the KICK can’t communicate with the Wi-Fi module anymore it will do a factory restore the next time it starts to try to re-establish communication with the Wi-Fi module.

  • If you would like to reboot the Wi-Fi module type reboot
  • After the reboot has completed you can enter command mode again with $$$

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  • After a factory reset please type exit and then $$$ again to set up UART baudrate again.

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