KICK – Android app guide


Guide to the Android app

Connecting the Kick to the App


To connect you KICK to the app:

  1. Press the Connect button. It will blink green for a few seconds.
  2. Go to the WiFi settings on your iPhone and select RiftNet.
  3. Open the app to control your KICK. The iPhone may spend a few seconds before it recognises the KICK. A lightbulb appears when the app is ready.

Using Multiple Kicks

Turn on your Kicks. Press the connect button on all. Connect to RiftNet on your iPhone. Start the Kick app on your iPhone.
After a few seconds all the Kicks appear as light bulbs in the lower part of the screen. One lightbulb for each Kick. In addition there is a double lightbulb. If you click the double lightbulb, you kicks are linked and will work in tandem. If you click either of the individual lightbulbs, you can control one Kick at a time.

App main page


Color Picker


Using Multiple Kicks Multiple-kicks

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