Rift Labs has developed a family of cutting-edge lights for and with creative professionals. The family includes compact on-camera lights and powerful studio lights.

5″ On-camera light:

The Luxli Orchestra series can produce a dazzling symphony of light. Synchronize LED light units of all sizes, choose from millions of possible colors, apply lighting effects from selectable modes, and control them instantly with the powerful Conductor mobile app. Your creativity will be limited only by your imagination with Luxli’s Cello on your rig.

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10″ On-camera light

The Cello 10-inch multicolor LED light features a highly accurate and remarkably versatile RGBW LED panel. The light is equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 LE that pairs with your tablet or smartphone when you open Luxli’s Conductor mobile app. Whether controlled via the app or the intuitive interface on the unit itself, the Cello will illuminate your creative vision with endless possibility.

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  • Coming soon!

    High performance studio light.


iOS and Android app

Control and synchronize multiple units and explore incredible lighting effects with the app. Illuminate your subject with any hue of light you can imagine. Create customized lighting animation effects. Use the eyedropper feature to match any color within an image or a video.

  • Luxli Orchestra

    The family of on-camera lights is soon acompanied by a larger, high performance studio light.

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Looking for Kick?

It has been discontinued, we are making lights better suited for pros and semi-pros.

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