From Harvard to Rift Labs: Chief Scientist Dr. Rakibul Islam – One step ahead in exploring novel biomedical applications.

We´re proud to announce that Dr. Rakibul Islam has joined our team at Rift Labs as Chief Scientist.  

As a researcher with more than ten years of experience in Life Sciences, a M. Sc. Degree in bio-medical science, a Ph.D. in regenerative medicine and having completed a post-doctoral fellowship in innate immunity, the future looks bright for Rift Labs with Dr. Rakibul Islam as Chief Scientist.  



“I will contribute by supporting the existing UVC and Grow 2.0 with my scientific background in medical bioscience. I will also explore novel biomedical applications of our LED technology by collaborating with various research organizations”, says Rakibul Islam.  



The team at Rift Labs has gained a researcher, scientist, optimist and visionary. With his experience and expertise, we´ll find new ways of using our LED technology to create amazing products loved by people, plants and the planet. 


Dr. Rakibul Islam


About Rift Labs I

Rift Labs is a LED technology company with a proud history of developing award-winning LED products and solutions for the global market since 2010.    


At Rift Labs, we combine our unique and patented software with stellar hardware that brings exceptional LED technology solutions within a range of industries, including creative lights for Photo & Video, LED growth lights for Vertical Farming, and personal and protective equipment based on UVC LED. Rift Labs is on a mission to explore the spectrum of light to create amazing products loved by people, plants and the planet. 

The headquarter of Rift Labs is located in Vinterbro, right outside of Oslo, Norway. To learn more about Rift Labs, please visit our website: 

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