Rift Labs awarded R&D funding from RFF Viken for Vertical Farming Technology Development

Rift Labs awarded R&D funding from RFF Viken for Vertical Farming Technology Development
Rift Labs awarded R&D funding from RFF Viken for Vertical Farming Technology Development

(Oslo, 25th March 2022) 


Rift Labs AS today announced that they have been awarded an R&D grant from the Norwegian Research Council through RFF Viken for a pre-project covering the application of advanced dynamic LED lighting and AI for optimizing plant growth and vertical farming operations at scale. 


“We are very pleased with the support from RFF and the external validation it represents, and we’re excited to see a strong interest and belief in Rift Labs’ patented LED technology, which has the potential to dramatically improve profitability in the vertical farming industry“, says Halvard Aagaard, CEO at Rift Labs.  


The pre-project builds on key learnings from Rift Labs’ hydroponics lab, a project which was granted 1.0 MNOK in funding from Innovation Norway last year, and positions Rift Labs for a future main project with RFF or IPN (Innovasjonsprosjekt i Næringslivet). 


Halvor Kvifte, Mechatronics Engineer at Rift Labs

“The funding is an acknowledgment and great inspiration for the vertical farming team at Rift Labs“ says Halvor Kvifte, Project Manager & Sr. Mechatronics Engineer at Rift Labs.  



For more details, please contact:  


Halvard Aagaard, CEO
+47 955 22 949 


Øyvind Hasund Dahl, CRO
+47 954 41 930


About Rift Labs I www.riftlabs.com

Rift Labs is a LED technology company with a proud history of developing award-winning LED products and solutions for the global market since 2010.   


At Rift Labs, we combine our unique and patented software with stellar hardware that brings exceptional LED technology solutions within a range of industries, including creative lights for Photo & Video, LED growth lights for Vertical Farming, and personal and protective equipment based on UVC LED. Rift Labs is on a mission to explore the spectrum of light to create amazing products loved by people, plants and planet. 

The headquarter of Rift Labs is located in Vinterbro, right outside of Oslo, Norway. To learn more about Rift Labs, please visit our website: www.riftlabs.com 



About RFF Viken I https://www.regionaleforskningsfond.no/viken/

RFF Viken is one of 11 regional research funds – one for each county municipality 


The regional fund has an overall goal of mobilizing for research efforts that contribute to increased innovation in business and the public sector. This is to be achieved through: 

  • closer cooperation between R&D institutions and business / public sector 
  • to contribute to increased international competitiveness in R&D institutions 
  • to stimulate increased national and international cooperation within the region’s priority areas 


RFF is headquartered in Oslo, Norway. To learn more about RFF Viken, please visit: https://www.regionaleforskningsfond.no/viken/ 

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