The vertical farming revolution has already started

As a LED pioneer working with the science of light, Rift Labs has for the last decade been at the forefront of innovating and reinventing lighting to create amazing products loved by people, plants and planet.

Introducing a revolution in plant science

Introducing Rift Labs’ self-contained mobile Hydroponics Lab  – an advanced research and optimization system for identifying and creating tailored light and nutrition formulas for vertical farming installations; whether your objective is to achieve faster growth, flavor enhancement or to recreate the plant’s natural native environment.

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"Rift Labs addresses the main challenges of the vertical farming industry today.”

Vertical farming industry challenges and how we solve them

Low profitability

High operating costs, with artificial lighting and electricity the main cost driver.

How do we solve it?

Advanced dynamic LED lighting technology to optimize light conditions and energy consumption.  

  • Only use light frequencies useful for the plants at all phases of the grow cycle, at just the right intensity, spectrum and duration​​
  • Customized growth conditions enable tailored plant characteristics
  • Shorten grow time for optimal quality and size


This translates to reduction in energy use and significant improvements in quality and yield.

Limited flexibility

Unable to handle seasonal fluctuations and variations in demand for types of plant.

How do we solve it?

Cloud-based SW control enabling highly precise optimization of all inputs.

  • Light spectrum and intensity
  • Air temperature and velocity
  • Water temperature
  • Nutrient and pH concentration
  • CO2 level


This translates to a huge flexibility, enabling change of production without requiring large investments to modify existing equipment or facilities.

Low degree of automation

Relying heavily on manual labor and outdated plant science.

How do we solve it?

Powerful AI analytics and machine learning algorithms.

  • Analyze data from hydroponics Lab experiments
  • Real-time optimizations on vertical farm in operation
  • Automated operations cost effective in target markets


This translates to a reduction in labor costs and efficiency gains in production.

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